This is a library of research, programming tools, news articles and other resources related to HIV/AIDS prevention and behavioral change. The resource section offers downloadable documents to assist in teaching the ABC approach in HIV prevention.

The mission of Christian Connections for International Health is to promote international health and wholeness from a Christian perspective. The ABC Approach to Preventing the Sexual Transmission of HIV: Common Questions and Answers addresses common questions and answers regarding the ABC approach to HIV prevention (Abstain, Be faithful, or use a Condom). A Spanish translation is also available, as are hard copies of the book.

The Supportive Care for People on HIV Treatment is a Community Health Education (CHE) program that enables people in churches to provide support for people living with HIV/AIDS. CHE training should be taken prior to untilizing this program.

Since forming their first AIDS Task Force in 1986, FHI has worked to address the needs of communities and countries affected by HIV/AIDS. They provide state-of-the-art interventions to identify what is needed, tailor programs to local needs, and advocate for compassionate, realistic and appropriately resourced responses. Search the “Tools and Publications” link to find FHI downloadable HIV/AIDS publications.

The Hesperian Foundation is a nonprofit publisher of books and educational materials that help people take the lead in their own health care and organize to improve health conditions in their communities. Simply written, heavily illustrated and developed in collaboration with groups around the world, the books contain a wealth of lifesaving information diagnosing and treating a broad range of health problems.

HIV Medicine's mission is to be a source for comprehensive and in-depth HIV/AIDS information. Download of the 14th edition, 825-page PDF document (5.3 MB) is free.

These guidelines are to equip churches and Christian ministries (CCM) to facilitate adherence clubs for people living with HIV (PLWH). A vision and rationale for the clubs is covered, as well as practical guidance to conduct the clubs.

Presented by LifeRise AIDS Resources, this document shares the four most important messages about HIV: Prevent—People Can Prevent HIV, Test—People at Risk for HIV Need to Be Tested, Treat—People with HIV Need to Be Treated, and Protect—Pregnant Women Need to Be Tested and Treated.

Presented by LifeRise AIDS Resources, this document discusses the WHO goal to place every HIV-infected person on ART regardless of CD4 count, and how the church has an opportunity to take an active role in this process to reduce the HIV infection rate.

The Resource Education for AIDS Prevention (R.E.A.P.) materials have been produced by Operation Whole, an Assemblies of God affiliated ministry based in South Africa. REAP is a complete HIV/AIDS education program that provides biblical, morally-based hope in the crises of human tragedy. These excellent, faith-based materials come from a CD provided by Vern and Esther Tisdale of Africa—Operation Whole. You may freely use these materials in your ministry. It includes an HIV/AIDS training manual, as well as overhead materials and PowerPoints. Most materials are in Microsoft Word .DOC format. The REAP manual has been put into PDF format for easy printing.

This report is a study of the reasons why bonded labor, a contemporary form of slavery, persists in India, Nepal and Pakistan. In particular, it examines the effectiveness of state interventions against bonded labor.

Good nutrition and weight maintenance are extremely important for people living with HIV. This downloadable PDF provides information on nutrition and weight maintenance.

This paper, submitted to the U.N. Sub-Commission on Human Rights, describes the gross violation of the rights of millions of people in India, Pakistan and Nepal who are trapped in debt bondage and forced to work to repay loans. It explores evidence which shows that 80-98 percent of bonded laborers are from communities designated as dalits.

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