AIDSPortal is a global initiative that aims to facilitate greater knowledge sharing and networking among organizations involved in the response to HIV and AIDS. Their vision is a more efficient and effective global response to HIV and AIDS. They work towards this vision through two strategies. First, by building the capacity of partner organizations that share their vision. Second, by maintaining an information hub and acting as an information facilitator in areas where they do not yet have partnerships. They currently have regional partnerships in Southern Africa, Eastern Africa and Latin America.

Family Health International is among the largest and most established nonprofit organizations active in international public health with a mission to improve lives worldwide through research, education and services in family health. FHI manages research and field activities in more than 70 countries to meet the public health needs of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Search this site for a wide variety of links to information concerning HIV/AIDS.

The HIV/AIDS Bureau is a service of the Health Resources and Services administration. Of special interest on this site is the vast network of links. Also available, through the Ryan White CARE Act, are fact sheets on different groups at risk of HIV/AIDS infection.

Established in 1993, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance is a global partnership of nationally based organizations working to support community action on AIDS in developing countries. These national partners help local community groups and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to take action on AIDS, and are supported by technical expertise, policy work and fundraising carried out across the Alliance. The mission of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance is to support communities to reduce the spread of HIV and to meet the challenges of AIDS.

This is a comprehensive site, with information for people living with HIV/AIDS, caregivers and educators. The site offers more than 550 topic areas, covering a wide range of information and links to help people living with HIV/AIDS. The site includes links to what’s new, publications, treatment, testing, what to do when diagnosed, testimonials, etc.

UNAIDS, the Joint United Program on HIV/AIDS, brings together the efforts and resources of 10 UN system organizations to the global HIV/AIDS response. Cosponsors include UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, ILO, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank. It works in more than 75 countries worldwide. It has 5 focus areas including: leadership, tracking, monitoring and evaluation, civil society engagement and mobilization of resources.

Of special interest on this site are yearly updates on the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. UNAIDS harmonizes monitoring and evaluation approaches at global, regional and country levels to generate reliable and timely information on the epidemic and the response. Their statistics are considered highly reliable and are the most widely quoted around the globe. They also offer an enormous number of educational publications, dealing with every aspect of the epidemic.

As the directing and coordinating authority on international health, the World Health Organization takes the lead within the UN system in the global health sector response to HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS Department provides evidence-based, technical support to WHO member states to help them scale up treatment, care and prevention services, as well as drugs and diagnostic supply to ensure a comprehensive and sustainable response to HIV/AIDS.


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