This site, sponsored by the National Pediatric AIDS Network, seeks to improve the quality of life for youth as it pertains to HIV/AIDS. The news section is updated weekly, and it contains many links pertaining to living with HIV/AIDS infection. is a nonprofit organization that provides basic information about HIV/AIDS in an easy-to-use format, in simple language. It includes up-to-date developments and fact sheets on a variety of subjects, including treatment and the type of tests a person with HIV/AIDS will need to have done on a regular basis.

This is a fairly technical site, offering treatment information for people living with HIV/AIDS and the professionals who treat them. There are links to daily news on a variety of topics and a searchable database of HIV/AIDS treatment and care, worldwide HIV organization listings and a comprehensive range of patient information. There are also fact sheets covering over 100 topics.

This web site contains numerous fact sheets, downloadable documents and e-zines, as well as lists of many other online resources from various web sites. Click on Preventing HIV, then web sites and PDFs for a myriad of information. A helpful downloadable PDF file is the Managing Your Health document, termed a “must read handbook on living with HIV.”

The Center for AIDS Information & Advocacy empowers people living with HIV/AIDS to make informed decisions about their healthcare by providing the latest research and treatment information and by advocating for accessible, affordable and effective treatment options until there is a cure. The site includes information on HIV treatment alerts, educational brochures and fact sheets.

The site provides online brochures of helpful information on living with AIDS. Basics about the disease as well as living with it are provided in easy-to-read pages. Additional links for publications, Q&A’s, brochures, etc. are also available.

Direct Relief International provides medical assistance to improve the quality of life for people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest at home and throughout the world. They work to strengthen the in-country health efforts of their partners by providing essential material resources—medicines, supplies and equipment.

INERELA+ is an international, interfaith network of religious leaders—both lay and ordained, women and men—living with or personally affected by HIV.

A helpful chart showing the most recent health statistics listed by country for children living with AIDS. Other helpful charts on HIV/AIDS statistics are also available. Click on Health Statistics, and then View all Health Stats at the bottom of the page.

This portal provides links to helpful basics on living with AIDS. Research and references are also available for further study. Numerous links to outside organizations and research papers are provided. is a project of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and is designed to provide free, up-to-date, and easy-to-use health data on all 50 states. The web site provides data on more than 500 health topics and is linked to both the Kaiser Family Foundation web site ( and Kaiser Network (

The Well Project is an initiative conceived, developed, and administered by HIV+ women and those who are affected by this disease. A primary goal of The Well Project is to create and sustain a secure, supportive and trusted environment. Many useful articles and links can be found on this site.


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