This is a clinical manual on health maintenance and nutrition for persons affected by HIV/AIDS.

Provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, this web site is a gateway to federal government information covering an array of food and nutrition topics of interest to those with HIV/AIDS and to those caring for them.

This web site provides helpful information on the proper role of vitamins and minerals, especially related to persons with AIDS.

This guide reviews the evidence base for current nutrition interventions for HIV and AIDS, and looks at the scientific background, trends and challenges in implementation, and implications for policy and planning. Click on Recommended Reading for excellent documents from numerous organizations involved in nutrition for persons affected by HIV/AIDS.

FANTA-2 provides technical assistance to strengthen nutritional care and support for people living with HIV and to improve food assistance and food security programming in the context of HIV. FANTA-2 produces and disseminates program guidance on nutritional care and support interventions, the nutrient requirements of persons living with HIV/AIDS, and food and nutrition implications of antiretroviral therapy. This page provides numerous publications for downloading and many helpful links.

The Food and Agriculture Organization's HIV/AIDS and food security site features FAO information related to HIV/AIDS and is intended to be a comprehensive resource for researchers, policy-makers, non-governmental organizations and infected people. This page contains “Living Well with HIV/AIDS: A Manual for Nutritional Care and Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS.”

This page provides fact sheets and a manual concerning HIV/AIDS and nutritional needs.

This site provides 13 questions and answers on proper nutrition for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Nutrition Care for People Living with  HIV/AIDS: Training Manual for Community and Home-Based Providers Facilitators Guide and Participant Handouts are designed to equip community and home-based care providers with sufficient knowledge and skills to provide nutrition care to people living with HIV/AIDS as part of ongoing services. The materials are designed for training providers who do not have extensive education or technical knowledge.

Topics include the relationship between nutrition and HIV, assessment of nutritional status, methods for improving food intake, management of HIV and AIDS complications, managing food and drug interactions, care for HIV+ women and children, food and water safety and hygiene, and principles of counseling and networking.

The Body's mission is to use the Web to lower barriers between patients and clinicians, demystify HIV/AIDS and its treatment, improve patients' quality of life and foster community through human connection. This page provides numerous links for downloadable documents on various nutritional topics concerning HIV/AIDS as well as proper nutrition strategies.

The United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition is the focal point for harmonizing the policies and activities on nutrition of the U.N. system. Its role is to serve as a coordinating mechanism, for exchange of information and technical guidance, and to act dynamically to help the U.N. respond to nutritional problems. The site provides links to SCN news and reports on nutrition worldwide. Information specific to Nutrition and HIV/AIDS can be found on the Nutrition & HIV/AIDS link found on the left-hand menu.

This fact sheet was prepared for at-risk populations, specifically for persons with AIDS. Providing information on food safety, it gives frequently asked questions and answers, as well as proper ways of preparing food and meals.

The Dietary Supplements Labels Database offers information about label ingredients in more than three thousand selected brands of dietary supplements. It enables users to compare label ingredients in different brands. The database can be searched by brand names, uses noted on product labels, specific active ingredients, and manufacturers.

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