ACET is a practical and compassionate response to HIV and AIDS, and works to support the rapidly growing ACET International Alliance. The Alliance is a group of independent organizations around the world working to reduce the rates of new HIV infections, care for those affected by HIV and AIDS and support of AIDS orphans.

As a professional organization founded in 1964, AAPC was originally established to bring standards, order and communication to the newly expanding profession of Pastoral Counseling. Responding primarily to the Christian community's need for a form of depth ministry, pastoral counseling specialists emerged, drawing together the inspiration of the church and the wisdom of behavioral sciences. While maintaining these historical roots and vision over the past 40 years, AAPC is evolving into a more diverse professional organization serving within an increasingly complex world.

The mission of Christian Connections for International Health is to promote international health and wholeness from a Christian perspective. CCIH provides field-oriented information resources and a forum for discussion, networking, and fellowship to the spectrum of Christian organizations and individuals working in international health.

CrossRoads is a strategy that provides educational solutions to communities devastated by social crises like HIV/AIDS. It is centered on the Life at the CrossRoads curriculum, a highly-interactive program created by educational, medical and youth services professionals. The curriculum, which teaches life skills and character development, can be presented during the course of an average school semester. It can also be modified to fit within other settings or in the context of most cultures.

The web site desires to bring the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to those facing HIV/AIDS around the world.

Kerus Global Education exists to positively change lives and transform communities by equipping the church and key public and private organizations with professionally credible and biblically based training, resources and systems to implement programs promoting character development, the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the compassionate care of children and their families suffering due to the AIDS crisis. Kerus has an unwavering commitment to mobilizing the faith-based community to be actively involved in HIV/AIDS prevention and compassionate care, reaching outside of the church and into the community to provide quality educational and care programs, regardless of religious affiliation. It Takes Courage! is a multitiered educational strategy designed to permeate a community with life-saving messages that will reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other behaviorally driven health problems.

This site is sponsored by Christian Leadership ministries, the faculty outreach and training arm of Campus Crusade for Christ. It’s broad array of topics include Christian academics, Bible study tools and a department on current issues including same-sex marriage, abortion, Christian character, etc.

LifeWind is part of an international network of people who are passionately committed to holistic mission in the name of Jesus. They believe that practical action and prayer are equally indispensable for transforming lives physically, socially, and spiritually. Founded in 1980 and originally known as Medical Ambassadors International, LifeWind became a leading proponent of Community Health Evangelism (CHE), a proven strategy for bringing about profound changes in impoverished communities.

The Micah Network is a group of over 330 Christian relief, development and justice organizations from 81 countries. Micah Network was formed in 1999 with the aims to build capacity by strengthening the capacity of participating agencies to make a biblically shaped response to the needs of the poor and oppressed, encourage integral mission by speaking strongly and effectively regarding the nature of the mission of the Church to proclaim and demonstrate the love of Christ to a world in need, and acting as an advocate by calling upon and influence the leaders and decision-makers of societies to maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed and rescue the weak and needy.

MisLinks is a web-based directory focused on offering helpful links to resources for missionaries, mission pastors, teachers, and researchers, students of mission and mission agencies. MisLinks was initiated in 1997; it has been developed and maintained by Scott Moreau of Wheaton College and Mike O'Rear of Global Mapping, International.

The vision of Network211 is to use 21st Century technology to communication the first-century gospel. Through the use of technology, they introduce people to Christ, help them develop in their Christian walk and to be trained for service.

The HIV/AIDS Initiative at Saddleback Church was born out of the conviction that God cares about sick people. Rick and Kay Warren developed this website initiative. This web site contains archived issues and past articles, downloads and testimonies of people living with HIV and the testimonies of other churches who have begun an HIV ministry.

This page contains a number of links to articles concerning Christianity & HIV/AIDS.

WOW partners with the local church in Africa, training leaders and pastors on the foundations of the Christian faith and how to live biblically. WOW seeks to motivate, educate, equip, empower and facilitate connections that bring about positive transformation through biblical teachings and practical care in African communities suffering from the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS.


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