The Global AIDS Partnership has developed a number of excellent training series, prayer guides, discipleship pieces, and Bible studies, most in multiple languages.

All of our materials are free and may be reproduced from the PDF files. If you are interested in translating something into a language we don't currently offer, please contact us.

The training flip chart is a educational tool for both community and personal training; excellent for illiterate audiences. The accompanying manual provides detailed HIV/AIDS information.

A guide for HIV testing and counseling. Includes information on testing procedures, counseling skills, and approaches for pregnant women and children.

Information needed to start a home-based care program. Includes information on emotional, spiritual, and physical care.

Introduction to the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and a godly Christian response.

A field manual for caring for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

A guide detailing the biblical viewpoint of God's plan for sexuality.

Extremely helpful guide on utilizing proper nutrition to treat those with HIV/AIDS.

An excellent introduction to using anti-retroviral medications to treat HIV/AIDS.

Ways to engage a church in response to HIV/AIDS. Tips and activities for groups.

The key points from the Unit 1 Training Manual are presented in an attractive format that grabs the attention of teens and youth.

A tool for lifting up those affected by HIV/AIDS. Each day is a one-page guide.

HIV/AIDS topics and biblical response for high school/young adults.

An introduction to HIV/AIDS and a biblical basis for the church's response.

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